Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I got all 5's!!

Today I visited my Neurologist in Dallas for a follow-up visit. I couldn't wait to go see her and push her over or something with all of my new found strength. I used to dread the strength tests, but today I was like bring it on! She couldn't believe it when I told her I have been waking 2 miles a day and working out at the gym. She couldn't believe how strong I was and when I asked her at the end what I got, she said "ALL 5's". The ranking goes from 0 to 5, 0 being gravity pulling you down, and 5 being perfect. When I saw her in April, I was all 0's and 1's from my eyes all the way down to my feet. Now here in July, I'm all 5's!!

She doesn't want to see me again until next July and wrote me a note to go back to work in August!

When she looked at me and said she couldn't believe it, I thought in my mind, "Nothing is impossible for God!" and it wasn't!