Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Mall of America has an indoor amusement park...

National Cemetary in Minneapolis Minnesota...

Well today was my final meeting with Dr. Engel at 11:00. Each visit he has been right on time and very organized. He did my muscle strength tests again and said that he thought I was already stronger today than I was yesterday. He took my blood pressure and it was normal and checked my pulse. A rise in both of these are side effects of my medicine, but so far so good.

I wanted to give him a big hug when I left his office, but just shook his hand. I know it sounds goofy, but I felt like I met a rock star, only better cause he is so smart and such a good person. I kept asking questions I think cause I didn't want to walk out that door. I asked him if he was going to retire and he said yes, then I asked if he was training someone to take over for him and he said he has someone that he is training that he hopes will take over his research. I sure hope he does.

We drove back to Minneapolis after our visit and went to the Mall of America. It is the biggest mall in the world. Prety neat. We fly out tomorrow at 7:20am and I can't wait to see Haley.
Thanks everyone for all your prayers and concern the past few months. I know my struggles are not over, but that I now have the accurate information and medications that will help. Now I can enjoy my summer by the pool and maybe, just maybe at the gym!!!

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