Saturday, May 9, 2009

Update on Progress

Well we made it home and were so glad to see Miss Haley! She was taken very good care of while we were gone and enjoyed her time with Gramma and Grandfather.

I am feeling so good. Stronger and stronger everyday. I am keeping track of things I have done each day to send to my doctor and I honestly feel like I could go to the gym today I have so much energy and strength.

Thanks again for all your prayers, money for the trip, food, texts, concern and calls that everyone has given us during this time. It has been rough, but things are definitely looking up for the Price family. Now we can enjoy our summer and be ready for August when I can go back to work!! YAY!!

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Anonymous said...

It came to pass...not to stay
Thank God for all the wonderful things that are happening to you.
love you